Social Media Plans That Grow Your Revenue, Not Your Frustration.


When your social media fails to provide you with more sales, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Using the SMART 7 social media framework based on the StoryBrand methodology, I'll create a sales-driven social media plan for your business, so you can feel confident knowing your social media will boost your bottom line.

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Is Your Social Media Strategy Wasting Your Money?

I know just how disappointing it can be when your social media doesn’t provide your business with results. You invest so much of your time, money, and energy into posts that fail to improve your bottom line. This can be incredibly frustrating. If your social media strategy isn’t boosting your sales, what’s the point?

That’s why I developed the SMART 7™ social media framework: a framework that helps businesses build trust with their audience, get more paying customers, and grow their revenue. The plan follows a proven formula based off of your StoryBrand BrandScript to create strategic, sales-driven social media posts and ads.

For more than 10 years, I have helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenue with sales-driven social media plans. And I can do the same for you. Schedule a call today, and let’s find out what your social media can do for your business.


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3 Steps to Get More Sales From Your Social Media in Just 30 Days


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Using the SMART 7™ framework, I will create a social media plan to boost your revenue.


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7 Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media Ads

Social media ads are incredibly complicated. Many businesses spend hundreds or even thousands on ads every year but see little return on their investment.

So how can you create social media ads that actually generate revenue?

Download my free infographic, 7 Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media Ads. In this guide, I’ll provide you with five tried-and-true posts proven to improve your bottom line and generate the right leads.


What Other Clients Say

“James Barnes helped us refine and focus our company message on both our website and social media. The results were almost immediate, greatly improving the quantity and quality of our sales leads.”

Jack Robertson, Hogeye Camera

“Dr. Barnes helped us see where we could grow our company, and now we're doing just that. We saw immediate results within days and kick ourselves every day for not having found him years ago!”

Robbie Taylor, Wildlife Dominion Management

“From a marketing standpoint, I was ready to fold. Enter James Barnes. He helped clarify my message and our growth is now astronomical! James' influence has been priceless — snag him before he gets too busy!”

Kenneth Thomas, Umble Coffee Co.