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What does the SMART 7 Framework look like in action?

Check out examples of my social media plans, Facebook and Instagram ads, StoryBranded website content, and lead generating magnets below!

Social Media Plans

Laminin Designs by Missy Robertson

Laminin Designs creates trendy, Southern Chic jewelry inspired by their Christian faith. To help Missy Robertson better connect with her audience, I created a social media plan based on the SMART 7 Framework that captured the heart of her business and mission.

Deep South Pout

Deep South Pout’s witty Southern boutique offers trendy clothes at an affordable price. By implementing a social media plan based on the SMART 7 Framework, I was able to help the brand get more followers and obtain a professional look across all platforms.

Umble Coffee

Umble Coffee offers expertly crafted roasts in a friendly, relaxing environment. Their new social media plan increased followers on Facebook, brought in more post engagements, and helped distinguish the brand from other coffee shops in town.

Social Media Ads

Hogeye Trap Cameras

Hogeye Trap Cameras wanted to grow their Instagram following to reach their audience where they are. This video ad received 3,883 views and dozens of comments, increasing their brand awareness and growing their following.



Jep & Jessica Robertson

Going viral on social media is something most brands only dream of. But, thanks to the Facebook video I created based on the SMART 7 Framework, Jep & Jessica Robertson did just that. Their promotional video brought in 1.6 million views, 650 shares, and over 7,400 likes.

Hogeye Trap Cameras

Catching hogs might not seem like a thriving industry, but the video created for Hogeye Trap Camera went viral almost instantly. The video has over 3 million views, 10,000 likes, and more than 600 comments. It also perfectly showcases the effectiveness of the product.




An Instagram ad’s success depends on multiple factors, including the quality of your image and the hashtags used. Within an hour, HogShine’s ad was viewed almost 3,000 times. The professional quality of the photo used also captures the quality of the HogShine product on a deeper level.

StoryBranded Content


Online advertising that actually works? Sounds too good to be true. During my engagement with StubGroup, I polished their BrandScript and created StoryBranded website content that instantly captures the attention of their audience with the backing of clear, powerful authority pieces.




Incorporating StoryBrand into an e-commerce site can be overwhelming. To help HogShine clarify their message and increase revenue, I created a new wireframe of the site that helps the company build lasting relationships with their engaged customers. Graphic design work by Alex Schauer.

Deep South Pout

Deep South Pout’s new StoryBranded website content showcases their product in a way that resonates with the aspirations of their ideal customers. By combining the visual aesthetic of the clothes with relatable content, the site has boosted sales and improved the user experience.



Hogeye Trap Cameras

How do you capture leads in a niche industry? The lead magnet I created for Hogeye, “5 Mistakes Made When Trapping Feral Hogs,” captured the attention of their highly specialized audience while collecting leads to then be nurtured in an email series.

Clients’ Work In Action

DSP Warehouse Group

Facebook Groups can be difficult to maintain. Using a customized strategy I helped optimize Deep South Pout’s Facebook Group which now has 9,600 followers and posts multiple times per day.

DSP Warehouse Group-Mockup-JamesBarnes


Jep and Jessica Robertson

Jessica Robertson wanted to use her public image to promote positive, wholesome brands. I helped her position and pitch products via Facebook live. A live video she created to promote a local coffee shop has over 8,400 views and 160 post interactions.

Umble Coffee

Running a coffee shop and the shop’s social media accounts is a lot of work. Using the SMART 7 Framework, Umble Coffee continues to engage customers where they are via Facebook and Instagram.



Big Pig Trap

See how one client used the SMART 7 Framework to create an engaging, eye-catching video. This video has more than 26,000 views, 260 post interactions, and 100 shares.

Real Customer Reviews

“Dr. Barnes helped us see where we could grow our company and now we're doing just that. We saw immediate results within days of refining our marketing strategy and kick ourselves every day for not having found him two years ago!”

Robbie Taylor, Wildlife Dominion Management

“James has helped us on so many levels. He didn't come in and try to fit us into a box but rather listened to our goals and put those into action. The ROI with James is worth every single penny. Change your business and get connected with James today!”

Jason Stoker, Deep South Pout

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